I have just finished scouring through my customary news portals in the hope of finding something to cheer me up, giving me some hope that our republican system has still some life in it. Sadly, all I could find was news about the latest trashing of the PN in the local elections. 

This is surreal! I told myself. How could Nationalist Members of Parliament and the party’s leaders do nothing whilst the party they loved and dedicated their life’s work for, is dying? Cause I kid you not, the PN has just received two mortal blows, disheartening its supporters and further alienating those who didn’t bother to vote. And who can blame them, Malta has become the personal fiefdom of Joseph Muscat and there are no real prospects of dethroning him? 

This is what I was actually looking. A saviour, someone who is able to step up and in no uncertain terms tell Adrian Delia to pack up and take his cronies with him. To his credit, Alex Perici Calascione did put out his neck out and I have grown to respect him for that. But where are our MPs? We need to hear your voice, to share your concerns and give us a way forward. I refuse to believe that you have given up, that you see no alternative than the current status-quo.

Where are Jason Azzopardi, Marthese Portelli, Beppe Fenech Adami, Claudette Buttigieg, Simon Busuttil? Did we walk together for justice, freedom and against corruption for nothing? Will you allow our party to just become irrelevant?   

You, the Nationalist MPs are the real pillars of the party. I have voted for one of you to represent me and now I beg you, represent me within the party. Ask for a change in direction and leadership. Do not allow Adrian Delia to continue damaging the party until it’s too late.

Save us from this disaster.