Continues from yesterday’s guest article on “the psychology of the Labour movement”.

The paranoia of the socialist high priest is phenomenal. Any venial sin of the infidels is magnified into a cardinal sin that must be severely punished. This because it is an act of aggression against the socialist god’s metaphysical body made up of all its members. These transgressors are treated as treacherous traitors. If one member of his metaphysical body is harmed, all other members must rise to counter the vile threat. The dissolute deputy leader of the Labour party delivered his axeman speech to thunderous applause at their convention.

It must be so, as their high priest claims that his useful idiots are perpetual victims. They are, therefore, dependent on his perpetual protection from the clutches of the demigod’s subjects who perpetually conspires the victims’ ensnarement and destruction. For Labour, the Russian whistleblower was planted as a spy by Putin specifically to damage Muscat’s electoral prospects.

The socialist god treats the body of political infidels as a scapegoat. In the ancient states of Assyria, Israel and Greece, the sins of the state were burdened onto a goat who was then cast into the desert to perish together with the state’s sins. Any sins seemingly arising from within the body of the socialist church-state are not really their inherent sins. Rather they are those of the demigod’s followers. These sins have been planted upon the mythical body of their socialist Christ-like god who carries them for the salvation of his followers and in the interest of progress. When criticised for his role in the Gaffarena scandal, the minister compared himself to the crucified Christ.

All members of the socialist god’s body speak as one and think as one with their high priest. There is no free will when political matters are involved. All members must abide by their strict code of omerta’. Anyone who breaks it will be cast off into the wilderness. Once the high priest assumes the reins of power of the state, by divine decree all its resources including the political infidels, become his property. All resources are to be used for the glorification of their god. Within the state ruled by their socialist high priest, the omerta’ injunction is therefore extended to the political infidels as well. If they break it, they are regarded as enemies of the state and the appropriate measures will be taken to fight against them. Labour treats the incumbent Nationalist MEPs as traitors for performing the duty their voters expect of them.

The high priest and his team make the laws of the land but they themselves are above the law. The laws are rigorously applied against the political infidels. The billboard regulations Labour enacted apply to everyone but the Labour Party. In the case of the state worshippers, they are exempted from the laws if their infringements are done in the interest of their socialist god.

Politics and religion play an important role in Maltese society. Mintoff’s founding principles of the Labour Party were a distortion of transcendental  truths. That’s why Labour has such a formidable transgenerational grip on Maltese society. Labour’s toxic misuse of religion to maintain political control renders Malta unique. Whereas all international politicians implicated in the Panama resigned, in Malta, they stayed on. Despite the  repeated revelations of corruption , the Labour Party’s support continued to grow. Other international governments would have collapsed in similar circumstances. When the high-flying Spanish conservative prime minister wrongly attributed a terrorist attack to Basque separatists, he was promptly booted out by the electorate in favour of Muscat’s hero Zapatero. But when Muscat’s Labour put the blame for Daphne’s assassination on her family, his trust ratings only continued to grow.

Malta is not a normal country.