Try working for a bank or for a gaming company or for a sales office and see if they ask you questions that so many trolls are out on Facebook saying they’re too personal to be asked to Adrian Delia. See if you get the job if they find out you’re too skint to keep up with your own loan repayments. It’s not just because they have a prurient curiosity or because they’re some of the things I’m being being said to be on line. (More on that later).

Adrian Delia is Leader of the Nationalist Party. Since he’s taken office he’s been telling party members he’s solving the massive financial problems he inherited from his predecessors. Most of the PN’s business streams are as plentiful as a puddle of water in the Maltese summer sun. All he has left is donations.

We’re regaled with so many “ġabra rekord oħra għall-Partit Nazzjonalista” that you’d think they’re swimming in it. Here they are in March 2018 celebrating a big collection. Some of it was, apparently, a record fund raise. It certainly was a big day to celebrate in Gozo as this link shows.

Then in December they were squealing with delight celebrating the end of 2018 headlining “is-somma rekord li turi l-appoġġ li kiseb il-PN”. That was a “record” collection of €670,632 which meant that during 2018 they raised €1,544,965.

The General Councillors — the trustees of the PN — will have been assured their party was gaining ground and a solid financial footing.

It was all double-speak of course.

At the end of 2018, when they reconciled the collections, they worked out they had collect €1,570,384 in what they said was a record fund raise.

But the year before, 2017, the PN collected €3,363,859 in donations. The kap ta’ suċċess that was supposed to be fixing the financial disaster he inherited oversaw a staggering 53.3% drop in revenue from donations.

That’s cutting down by half the only sustained revenue stream of the PN that Adrian Delia is assuring everyone with a smile he saved from financial ruin.

Of course expect PN statements saying this is another “attakk viljakk u personali minn blogger”. Just in case here are the documents signed officially by the PN treasurer that show what I am saying is true.



They are publicly available and linked on the Electoral Commission’s website.

I’m not revealing any secrets.

I’m telling those brilliant geniuses writing on Facebook that I have just convinced them to vote Adrian Delia because “qed tattakkah bil-familja” that this is what you get when you happily appoint to run your organisation someone who can’t work out how to make his lifestyle fit in his own income.

Those brilliant geniuses get to choose who stays on as PN leader.

The rest of the country gets to choose who’s made prime minister a few months and years down the line. Good luck with that.