Defence attorney says Ali Sadr is “pure of heart”

2020-03-03T17:23:36+01:00Tue, 3rd Mar '20, 17:23|

Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad’s defence lawyer Reid Weingarten gave his opening remarks on behalf of his client today at Ali Sadr’s trial for bank fraud and sanctions busting being held in the Manhattan courtroom of the Southern District of New York. Mr Weingarten introduced Ali Sadr to the jury saying he was born in 1980 [...]

US prosecution makes opening statement in Ali Sadr trial

2020-03-03T16:22:05+01:00Tue, 3rd Mar '20, 16:04|

The prosecutor’s opening statements are being heard at the New York trial of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad charged with bank fraud and busting US sanctions against Iran. The Assistant US Attorney explained that under US law it is illegal for an American bank to send US dollars to Iranian companies. But Ali Sadr set up [...]


2020-03-03T13:16:05+01:00Tue, 3rd Mar '20, 13:16|

Ian Borg, all haughty and la-di-da, went on Facebook to accuse people who draw bitter conclusions from the killing yesterday of Myriam Pace for no reason except that she lived near to yet another enormous and growing hole in the ground of exploiting the tragedy for votes. Speaking as someone who is often contradicted on [...]

Fool me twice

2020-03-03T10:24:28+01:00Tue, 3rd Mar '20, 10:23|

MaltaToday’s report last Sunday about Joseph Muscat’s overtures to Yves Bouvier to set up a precious goods free port linked to the apron at the airport links to a recent series by Swiss journalist Antoine Hariri about Bouvier’s activities. Yves Bouvier was involved in two other airside vaults in Luxembourg and Singapore but both have [...]

Speak up or be silenced by your own roof

2020-03-03T09:34:43+01:00Tue, 3rd Mar '20, 09:34|

Facebook is lit up this morning with furious anger at yesterday’s killing of a woman whose house collapsed over her head while a construction development next door dug too deep too close. There’s anger at the fact that a pattern has been emerging and these incidents are occurring with increasing frequency and increasing severity. There [...]

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