Why did Alex Dalli, director of prisons, testify to help Alfred and George Degiorgio get bail?

2020-03-10T14:22:52+01:00Tue, 10th Mar '20, 14:22|

Judge Edwina Grima yesterday denied Alfred and George Degiorgio’s application for bail while they await the conclusion of their ongoing trial proceedings on the charge of murdering Daphne Caruana Galizia. The Degiorgios were arrested along with co-accused Vincent Muscat early in December 2017, around 6 weeks after the assassination of the journalist on 16 October [...]

Safety authority says “not everything is rosy” but they can’t be blamed for collapsing building

2020-03-11T08:10:25+01:00Tue, 10th Mar '20, 13:54|

The following was sent to this website by Mark Gauci, chief executive of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority. He was reacting to an earlier post published this morning about a petition calling for the OHSA's worked to be checked in view of deadly accidents on building sites. I refer to your post ‘Italian entrepreneur [...]

Columbia University publishes “landmark” Manuel Delia vs Owen Bonnici free expression ruling

2020-03-10T12:18:08+01:00Tue, 10th Mar '20, 12:18|

New York’s Columbia University has included the case brought in Malta against Minister Owen Bonnici for the removal of flowers and candles and protest messages and banners from the Great Siege Memorial in front of the court building in its database of human rights courts decisions that “expand free expression”. This is the second case [...]

Italian entrepreneur launches petition for EU inspection of Malta construction sites

2020-03-10T06:58:34+01:00Tue, 10th Mar '20, 06:58|

Malta-based entrepreneur Daniele Baraggioli, originally from Italy, has launched a change.org petition asking for an EU commission to visit Malta and visit excavation and building sites and make recommendations on changes to Maltese laws to protect families living next door to major building sites. The petition was launched in the aftermath of the death of [...]

GUEST POST: The Anatomy of a Mafia State (3)

2020-03-10T06:36:19+01:00Tue, 10th Mar '20, 06:36|

Continues from yesterday. This part concludes this series by someone known to me. Dom Mintoff stifled and persecuted the private sector with his centralised economy. Inevitably, private businessmen flocked to the Nationalist Party. The latter party was enriched with donations irrespective of whether they were solicited or not. This was in support of the Nationalists’ [...]

Hospital cleaning contractor forcing employees to find their replacements before allowing them time off

2020-03-10T06:24:26+01:00Tue, 10th Mar '20, 06:24|

The new hospital cleaning contractor Mediclean JV, that has taken over from Servizzi Malta the management of several hundred employees cleaning Malta’s public hospitals, is refusing to authorise vacation leave for its staff unless they find their own replacement while they’re away. In practice this prevents employees, particularly expatriates who form a large portion of [...]

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