Is he compensating for something?

2020-03-14T16:59:59+01:00Sat, 14th Mar '20, 13:32|

So now we have it. The question whether to lock down or not to lock down has become a policy distinction between the two-party political leaders. This is hardly what we need in a time of crisis, is it? I don’t blame the opposition leader for this. His team has repeatedly asked the government to [...]

Repubblika calls for Ian Abdilla’s dismissal

2020-03-14T09:10:08+01:00Sat, 14th Mar '20, 09:10|

Repubblika yesterday called for an investigation into suspicions Assistant Police Commissioner Ian Abdilla helped suspects dodge justice. The NGO also asked for his immediate dismissal. Ian Abdilla’s testimony in court showed he was part of the corruption, inefficiency and the police leadership’s cooperation with criminals that has emerged to public awareness in recent months. Whether [...]

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