Public health order to remove deadlines from legal cases “probably illegal” – experts

2020-03-15T12:18:34+01:00Sun, 15th Mar '20, 12:18|

Orders issued by the superintendent of public health to suspend time limits in the law on current and future court proceedings may be beyond her power and as such therefore illegal, experts on court procedures told this website. This could mean that allowing timelines established in the law to expire because of the ongoing coronavirus [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The impact of the virus

2020-03-15T09:44:19+01:00Sun, 15th Mar '20, 09:44|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Coronavirus will do more than infect the exposed and kill the vulnerable. It will test us for pliancy and it will cripple us where it finds us wanting. "It will find the limits of our resources to handle a medical crisis. It will push on the limits [...]

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