How deep is your change?

2020-03-23T16:50:32+01:00Mon, 23rd Mar '20, 15:55|

Zhou Enlai (not Mao Zedong as an earlier version of this post wrongly said) was asked once what he thought the impact of the French Revolution was. He replied that it was too early to say. That was almost two centuries after the fall of the Bastille. Trying to predict what life will be like [...]

GUEST POST: Safe European Home

2020-03-23T15:04:35+01:00Mon, 23rd Mar '20, 14:06|

Is it just me or have we all gone right back into that busy hectic social whirl we’re supposed to be relinquishing? Seriously, quarantine really has upped the social ante. It’s as if we’ve never seen the inside of our own homes before, the internet has become some kind of newly-discovered resource and – horror [...]

Robert Abela. Pandemic. Deer. Headlights.

2020-03-23T12:07:51+01:00Mon, 23rd Mar '20, 12:07|

The prime minister needs to do more. Now. The prime minister has not spoken to his people for many days. A transmission on the Labour Party radio station does not count. Rather the contrary. When the media of a political party is used we are divided into tribes when we desperately need to be together [...]

Closed casket funeral

2020-03-23T09:41:09+01:00Mon, 23rd Mar '20, 08:39|

This tweet shows a small anthology of exasperated Italian mayors trying to get people to realise that after 5,600 people were killed by coronavirus anyone could be next. One of the mayor complains rather wittily about people ordering their hairdresser to come round to their house because the shops have been on lockdown for two [...]

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