Scrutiny cannot stop

2020-03-27T14:58:12+01:00Fri, 27th Mar '20, 14:58|

The present situation is a state of emergency. Several basic freedoms need to be suspended in order to keep us safe. Licensed and legitimate businesses have been ordered to close down. Congregating in groups outside has been banned. Calling gatherings has been criminalised. Movement has been heavily restricted, even banned for some. The police have [...]

Repubblika insists government must act after NAO report on St George’s Bay development

2020-03-27T14:49:20+01:00Fri, 27th Mar '20, 14:49|

Statement by Repubblika Why has the Prime Minister remained silent and done nothing about the scandal concerning the handing over of public land in Pembroke to the DB Group? Repubblika will not allow Robert Abela to avoid shouldering his responsibility with regard to this filthy corruption. We are going to continue insisting that this land [...]

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