Nowhere near enough

2020-03-19T15:13:05+01:00Thu, 19th Mar '20, 09:39|

A song by self-described anarchist Mario Vella starts out with a prayer, of all things: “Alla lliberani minn dil-pjaga kiefra neoliberali”. The song complains about the hegemonic view that markets can solve everything, that inefficient businesses deserve to fail and the pain of their dismantling is beneficial to the greater good. And the song complains [...]

GUEST POST: 19.3.2013 and after… lest we forget

2020-03-17T07:49:11+01:00Thu, 19th Mar '20, 07:40|

The 19th of March, for many of us Maltese, brings to mind the feast of St Joseph, even though unfortunately this year many are going to miss deeply the celebrations that we usually have in various parts of our island. The date itself shows that the episode I am referring to, happened barely a week [...]

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