That phrase does not mean what Silvio Schembri thinks it means

2020-03-18T15:59:01+01:00Wed, 18th Mar '20, 15:59|

When you “set the record straight”, it’s because the record is crooked. So, when Silvio Schembri set out to set the record straight and then proceeded to apologise for saying “charity begins at home” and “foreigners who lose their job must go back to their country” he confirmed the record was perfectly fine. It’s just [...]

AI: Artificial Idiocy

2020-03-18T08:52:09+01:00Wed, 18th Mar '20, 08:52|

Someone made what I thought was a great point this morning. Just 15 months ago Silvio Schembri wanted to give robots citizenship. Now he wants to push what he considers surplus mouths outside the gates. If Silvio Schembri were to be proposed as a villain for The Walking Dead, he'd be thrown out of the [...]

Foreigners out!

2020-03-18T02:19:27+01:00Wed, 18th Mar '20, 02:19|

That Silvio Schembri is an over-promoted, unfit for purpose, serial repeating bugler of the Brigata Laburista, utterly bereft of compassion and with the experience of real life of a dynastic monarch crowned in his mother’s womb, is not something we have discovered today. The detail that he is a bigoted, racist shit may be new [...]

All commercial flights to Malta banned from Friday night

2020-03-18T01:25:12+01:00Wed, 18th Mar '20, 01:25|

A notice to airmen issued by the Maltese government says that all commercial passenger flights coming into Malta after midnight of the night between Friday and Saturday coming are "suspended". The order is for a month up to 20 April 2020. The notice is "based on a decision taken by the Malta health authorities". Flights [...]

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