If you’re enjoying it, it’s not an interview

2020-03-26T14:24:13+01:00Wed, 25th Mar '20, 16:37|

Julia Farrugia dismissed calls for her resignation saying she never meant to give Chetcuti Cauchi any advantage when months ago she gave an “interview” on the passports sales scheme. We saw that “interview” in obviously advertising material published by Chetcuti Cauchi and left there even as the firm’s senior partner Jean Philippe Chetcuti was caught [...]

WATCH: The Silent Islands

2021-04-18T17:33:59+02:00Wed, 25th Mar '20, 15:13|

If you've seen Vanilla Sky you will remember the scene of David Aames driving through a deserted New York and running through an empty Time Square. He was running through a nightmare which in that film was called a lucid dream. Watch this short by Eric Bartolo about our own lucid dream: the streets of [...]

Too big to fail

2020-03-25T14:14:55+01:00Wed, 25th Mar '20, 14:14|

The biggest lesson from the 2008 financial crisis was to act big as early as possible. The hesitation of regulators, governments and central banks had an enormous economic cost that led to hardship that more timely action could have at least in part prevented. That’s the biggest lesson from the world stage borne out of [...]

GUEST POST: The measure of the man

2020-03-25T12:28:17+01:00Wed, 25th Mar '20, 12:28|

I’m not an economist, so I won’t comment about PM Robert Abela’s “thirds wave” of rescue measures. All I know is, the amount of questions as to how they’re going to work and what small enterprises, apparently not much represented in the MCESD, are supposed to do, that were raised in a forum I’m in [...]

“Aħna ta’ ġewwa”

2020-03-25T12:22:24+01:00Wed, 25th Mar '20, 12:22|

The commissioner for standards in public life read the only message that was intended by the Chetcuti Cauchi law firm and Julia Farrugia Portelli and the government she's part of: "aħna ta' ġewwa". 'We're buddies'. The videos of the then junior minister responsible for the passports sales scheme in the office of the prime minister [...]

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