GUEST POST: A question or six for you

2020-03-30T14:28:03+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 14:28|

Far be it from me to distract Minister Fearne from his duties at this time. He can answer for his part in all of this in the future, and his part was anyway relatively minimal, in the circumstances, he was just another minister nodding when Joseph Muscat said jump. There are plenty of ministers who [...]

Steward Health Care threatens to close Pennsylvania hospital if it does not get more government money

2020-03-30T11:18:10+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 11:18|

The worldwide coronavirus crisis did not moderate Steward Health Care’s tough bargaining as it threatened the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania last Friday with the “immediate” shut down of its Easton Hospital in the state’s Lehigh Valley if the government did not agree to pay them $40 million in emergency funds. The closure of Easton Hospital which [...]

A hundred million self-inflicted lashes

2020-03-30T23:09:19+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 10:41|

I was sincerely hoping someone would deny yesterday’s MaltaToday story that the government would have to fork out a €100 million penalty if the Steward contract is terminated for any reason including Steward’s fault. It should, by any standard, be absurd to have this in a contract. It is more stupid than giving a pound [...]

Why so silent? (2)

2020-03-30T09:52:02+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 09:50|

You'd be forgiven if you forgot that it was the PN who first asked the auditor general to investigate alleged irregularities in the award of the prime site in St George's Bay to the dB group. When Simon Busuttil, then PN leader, asked for that report, the irregularities were still "alleged". Now they've been established [...]

Why so silent?

2020-03-30T09:37:34+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 09:35|

Have you noticed? The government had no reaction to the national auditor’s report into the transfer of the ITS site in St George’s Bay to the dB group. That’s even though as the dB group pointed out in its facetious comment, the NAO criticised the government not the dB group. First a word to the [...]

GUEST POST: Of lockdowns and social distancing

2020-03-30T08:53:30+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 08:53|

When COVID-19 first surfaced in China, we were told not to worry unduly, as seasonal flu and pollution killed more people, so everybody went about their business as usual. People kept socialising, eating out, and attending football matches and other events without a care in the world. By the time that governments and people started [...]

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