Ali Sadr to face trial from today

2020-03-02T23:31:55+01:00Mon, 2nd Mar '20, 18:46|

In a couple of hours, the money laundering and Iran sanctions-busting trial of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad starts in the Southern Distict of New York federal courtroom of southern Manhattan. Ali Sadr’s lawyers have filed reams of preliminary objections to proceedings over the last several months right up to yesterday the eve of the commencement [...]

How buildings collapse

2020-03-02T18:35:00+01:00Mon, 2nd Mar '20, 18:35|

Photo: Times of Malta While the search goes on for a woman likely to be under the rubble of a collapsed building, it is wise to exercise restraint on commentary. There will be time for comments. Except perhaps one that need not wait. This building did not collapse because of some natural disaster [...]

Major UK bank fires customers domiciled in Malta

2020-03-02T17:50:40+01:00Mon, 2nd Mar '20, 17:49|

Private bank and wealth manager Coutts has informed its Malta-based customers who do not pay tax in the UK that they must close their accounts with the bank by the end of April. In a letter to customers the bank complained of “an increasingly complex regulatory environment (that) makes it difficult for us to continue [...]

Nice legs

2020-03-02T13:18:10+01:00Mon, 2nd Mar '20, 13:18|

A survey published yesterday by it-Torċa shows that almost half of respondents who voted PN in June 2017 do not trust Adrian Delia. Of that half, a fifth refuse to give an answer, about the same number prefer the Labour leader over the leader of the party they voted for last and the rest do [...]

We’re in a right mess, aren’t we?

2020-03-02T15:33:03+01:00Mon, 2nd Mar '20, 10:22|

  It looks like the main witness in the trial against the person accused of being the mastermind in the assassination of a journalist is economical with the truth. Considering that saying the full truth is a pre-condition for the qualified pardon he has been given he is sure playing with fire there. Although he [...]

GUEST POST: PN Leadership Issues

2020-03-02T09:28:23+01:00Mon, 2nd Mar '20, 08:51|

The crisis is virtually open. There is no need to declare it formally. There are facts that prove it. Already during past weeks, political analysts, party activists, newspaper commentators and party parliamentary deputies have aired their concerns that the party reform programme, initiated by the PN leader himself, was being postponed if not also sabotaged. [...]

Investigators reveal major Swiss oil trader procured oil smuggled by Gordon and Darren Debono

2020-03-02T08:37:02+01:00Mon, 2nd Mar '20, 08:37|

An investigation by Swiss investigative group Public Eye and anti-corruption NGO Trial International found that a high-profile Swiss oil trading company used Malta to store and recycle oil stolen from Libya and smuggled by Maltese master-smugglers Darren and Gordon Debono. The investigation uncovered business transactions in 2014 and 2015 between the Swiss trader Kolmar Group [...]

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