24 days later

2020-03-21T16:01:04+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 16:01|

The leap Marthese Portelli made from parliamentary politics to lobbying politicians on behalf of the construction lobby is unseemly. It’s like dating too soon after your spouse’s funeral. Worse. It’s like dating your late spouse’s neighbour with whom your family has been in a long-standing property dispute. Let’s get some obvious objections out of the [...]

Satabank owner’s POS business advertised on Maltese media

2020-03-21T15:00:55+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 15:00|

Christo Georgiev's company myPOS that sells portable point of sale terminals for contactless payments was advertised yesterday in a paid advertorial carried by local website Lovin Malta. The feature, marked 'sponsored' by the website, promotes the services of Malta company 247Pay the local partner for Christo Georgiev's MyPOS a company based in the UK. Christo [...]

Ali Sadr sentencing set for 17 August

2020-03-21T14:44:55+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 14:44|

A slowed down caused by the coronavirus pandemic may be the reason why the sentencing of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad has been set for five months after he was found guilty by a New York jury of 5 counts of money laundering, bank fraud and busting sanctions against his native Iran. The date of the [...]

GUEST POST: Into the future darkly

2020-03-21T11:59:38+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 11:58|

As I write this, on Sky News two grinning idiots are being asked why they are out, having a drink in a public space, despite the UK government’s request that people don’t do this. Admittedly, their Prime Minister is himself a grinning idiot, albeit one that has finally started listening to the grown-ups. Their answer [...]

An imagined letter from Covid-19 to humans

2020-03-21T11:33:40+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 11:33|

Someone sent me this but they don't know who wrote it. I thought you might like to read it. Stop. Just stop. It is no longer a request. It is a mandate. We will help you. We will bring the supersonic, high-speed merry-go-round to a halt We will stop the planes the trains the schools [...]

GUEST POST: She died for freedom.

2020-03-21T11:28:54+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 11:28|

Have you ever heard the song of a nightingale? It’s very seductive. Its harmony hypnotic and many are held in awe of it. Poets have dedicated works to it. But allusions can very easily be illusions. It’s not the first time a crow masqueraded as a nightingale and so in King Lear we are warned [...]

In memory of innocent victims of the mafia

2020-03-21T09:49:07+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 09:49|

Daphne Caruana Galizia is being remembered today along with hundreds of people killed at the hands of mafia organisations in the bloody history of violent deaths of innocent victims of organised crime. For the last quarter of a century umbrella anti-mafia organisation Libera has marked 21 March as the day of remembrance for innocent victims [...]

UPDATED: Entrepreneur threatens to uncover Silvio Schembri’s “personal interest” in blockchain promotion

2020-03-21T16:05:12+01:00Sat, 21st Mar '20, 09:36|

Updated at 16:02 An entrepreneur who has set up a co-location facility in St Julians for “digital nomads” people working remotely in cities away from home, has warned Minister Silvio Schembri he would reveal information on the minister’s “personal involvement and interests” in the Blockchain project unless the policy of deporting third country nationals who [...]

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