Beyond the clouds

2020-03-20T17:26:10+01:00Fri, 20th Mar '20, 17:25|

This poem was shared with me by a regular reader. It was written by an Irish-French Catholic writer, Kathleen O’Meara (Dublin 1839 - Paris 1888), who also wrote under the pen name of Grace Ramsay, and is to be found in her novel Iza’s Story, set against the background of the Polish struggle against the [...]

Exposure of the vulnerable

2020-03-20T14:58:17+01:00Fri, 20th Mar '20, 14:58|

Earlier today I wrote a post about areas of information that are remarkably lacking in the briefings the government is giving about the ongoing crisis. Here’s some more information I think we should be hearing. What’s happening to people who sleep rough? We know there are cases of people reduced to sleeping on cardboard in [...]

The need for urgency

2020-03-20T10:47:06+01:00Fri, 20th Mar '20, 10:47|

The government is being reasonably transparent on its management of the coronavirus. At least it is reasonable to believe it is. Every day we are updated on the number of tests conducted, how many of them test positive, a brief background on every new case and a record of recoveries and deaths. None of the [...]

MONEY MAGAZINE: Flawed democracy – is the roof going to drip?

2020-03-20T09:41:21+01:00Fri, 20th Mar '20, 09:40|

My article in this month's Money Magazine, written well before the coronavirus outbreak: Let’s be clear: democracy is receding worldwide. When red stars were pulled down from the spires of the Kremlin someone could write with confidence that we had reached ‘the end of history’. Everyone wanted the free market and liberal democracy and those [...]

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