A juror in the US trial of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad is participating in deliberations on line while he’s confined to his home.

Coronavirus caused havoc in the trial of Ali Sadr in its very final stage today as he awaits the jury’s verdict in the case against him for bank fraud and busting sanctions against Iran.

One of the jurors has been confined to his home because of possible exposure to Coronavirus where he lives with his spouse and child and cannot report to the court building in lower Manhattan. The prosecution objected to the juror continuing to participate in deliberations over electronic media arguing that the jury will be contaminated by outside influence.

But Judge Alison Nathan decided to go ahead with jury deliberation in view of the “extraordinary circumstances” caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Ali Sadr was asked directly by the judge if he objected to jury deliberation with a juror participating from home and he had none.

Judge Nathan also over-ruled a request by the prosecution to declare a mistrial in view of the circumstances.

Judge Nathan reminded the juror deliberating from home that he cannot be disturbed by his spouse or child – both also in quarantine – and he is to ask for a break in deliberations if he needs to speak to them.

The court is now in recess awaiting the jury to come to a verdict.

This reporting is based on coverage by Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press.