ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: The Triq tal-Ġebel

2020-04-06T11:02:11+02:00Mon, 6th Apr '20, 11:02|

A year ago today Lassan Cisse was killed in a drive by shooting on his way back home inside the Ħal Far Tent Village. His case still awaits justice. The below article was first published by The Sunday Times on 14 April 2019. You know your town has become violent when a drive-by shooting barely [...]

The ghetto is closed

2020-04-06T10:16:20+02:00Mon, 6th Apr '20, 10:16|

Photo: Sally Hayden Ministers Chris Fearne and Byron Camilleri went through great pains yesterday to insist there was no racism behind their decision to lock inside for two weeks a thousand residents of the Ħal Far migrants centre. I say ‘centre’. I could call it what Byron Camilleri called it: HTV, Ħal Far [...]

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