Personal data leak: another piece of evidence that the Labour Party illegally harvests data to manipulate voters

2020-04-02T13:22:29+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 13:22|

The electoral commission has a database of voters which includes information that is not published in the government gazette when the electoral roll is released. The database matches names, addresses and ID numbers, with ballot boxes and polling stations. It is used to administer elections and includes information you would call very sensitive if you [...]

Smoke-filled room

2020-04-02T11:35:31+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 11:35|

A good thing happened in parliament yesterday. But it’s my job to point out what should have happened differently, what should have been better. I’m not here to applaud. Politicians have enough servile apologists without needing me. A resolution was moved jointly by the prime minister and the leader of opposition declaring that both sides [...]

GUEST POST: Locked in home but not locked out of rights

2020-04-02T10:26:25+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 10:26|

I’m publishing this piece by Annika Palome with reservations. Guest posts do not necessarily reflect my views but only of the guests. And I find myself in disagreement with some aspects of this particular post. But we’re living in strange times and stuck at home for days on end I too may have a warped [...]

GUEST POST: Bankrupt hospitals

2020-04-02T10:10:13+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 10:10|

The following is an analysis by auditor Godfrey Leone Ganado of the last available audited accounts of Steward Malta Limited that operates the concession running St Luke's, Karin Grech and Gozo General Hospital. These accounts refer to the year ending 31 December 2017. At 31 December 2017, the company was still operating under the name [...]

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