They know not what they do

2020-04-10T23:13:54+02:00Fri, 10th Apr '20, 23:13|

As readers of this blog know, I’m not religious. But I was brought up in a Catholic culture and the days of Easter are as deep in my bones as olive oil. I am unqualified to make religious analogies let alone draw teachings and interpretations from the lessons I vaguely remember from childhood. But when [...]

Senior government official calls for sinking of NGO salvage boats

2020-04-11T08:45:07+02:00Fri, 10th Apr '20, 21:03|

The CEO of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services Alfred Grixti made a public call on Facebook for the seizure and scuttling of boats carrying migrants escaping Africa. He was commenting under a Facebook post of Labour European Parliament election candidate Steve Borg. Steve Borg, whose top priority in his 2009 election campaign was “illegal [...]

And on the third day

2020-04-10T09:01:00+02:00Fri, 10th Apr '20, 09:01|

It will take more than three days for us to rise again. All zombie stories before The Walking Dead had a final resolution. At some point a cure was found. However dystopic, classic science fiction needs a happy ending. When HG Well’s archetypal Martians invaded and poisoned the earth with their weed, our planet fought [...]

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