12 killed at sea; 47 pushed back to danger in Libya. Repubblika says in court Ministers letting people die is criminal.

2020-04-15T18:48:52+02:00Wed, 15th Apr '20, 18:48|

Migrants abandoned for 6 days in the sea around Malta are now back in Libya according to the International Organisation for Migration. They were  found yesterday abandoned on their raft in Malta’s search and rescue waters. ❗️The migrants were rescued by a commercial ship from the Maltese search and rescue zone and handed over to [...]

Remove ‘unsafe harbours’ order

2020-04-15T09:40:49+02:00Wed, 15th Apr '20, 09:40|

I'm sharing here a Facebook post by Italian senator and journalist Sandro Ruotolo and providing my translation: Saving lives means saving the world I want you to look at this photo of Rai. She's two years old and was born in Eritrea. Journalist Sara Creta who published this tweet says that Rai left Libya a [...]

Freedom from fascists

2020-04-15T08:41:19+02:00Wed, 15th Apr '20, 08:41|

On 25 April Italy recalls its final liberation from its fascist regime. A few days later -- May 3 -- is world press freedom day. This year the Italian federation of journalists, FNSI is merging the two occasions by recalling the efforts of journalists to resist fascism, its lies and its ominous rise in our [...]

Constructive distancing

2020-04-15T08:28:27+02:00Wed, 15th Apr '20, 08:28|

Construction is not customer-facing so it outlived the social distancing restrictions on economic activity relatively unscathed. There's a logic we can all understand that if you operate a restaurant you're basically operating a giant petri dish incubating and spreading a virus among your customers. "Customers" of a construction project can afford to stay well clear [...]

Why is the DOI trolling people on Facebook?

2020-04-15T08:19:40+02:00Wed, 15th Apr '20, 08:19|

It's bad enough that we get anyone with a quarter-arsed opinion and spelling from some mediaeval generation of Maltese writing as yet uncovered by research to pour their brainless inanities, non sequiturs, illogical fallacies peppered with the occasional seasoning of unbridled hate all over Facebook comments boards. But can the official government department of information [...]

Repubblika Facebook Live: Racism in Malta

2020-04-15T07:26:33+02:00Wed, 15th Apr '20, 07:26|

Norman Vella's guests on the show TV show host Peppi Azzopardi, psychologist Mary Anne Lauri, activist Xandru Cassar, Repubblika committee member Rosette Thake, social welfare academic Andrew Azzopardi and Sylvana Brannon.

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