Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and Repubblika launch ‘class action suit’ over Dataleak scandal

2020-04-07T08:49:35+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 20:01|

Civil society organisations Repubblika and The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation are together launching a legal initiative so that those persons whose personal data was revealed through the data leak  from the servers of the company C-Planet Solutions Limited may obtain justice. This database contained personal information regarding anyone who had the right to vote in [...]

Labour Deputy Leader left politics without resigning

2020-04-03T13:50:58+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 13:50|

Lockdown came early for Labour Party deputy leader Chris Cardona who has not been seen in any political engagement since the resignation of Joseph Muscat and the appointment of a new cabinet by Robert Abela. Along with Konrad Mizzi – another senior player in Joseph Muscat’s cabinet – and of course Joseph Muscat himself, Chris [...]


2020-04-03T13:17:59+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 13:17|

The initiative of the Bishop of Gozo to raise funds for a ventilator in Gozo is of course commendable. This crisis requires a national effort and though the government must lead, we should all pitch in to the best of our ability. There is nothing wrong with charity and private initiative as long as they [...]

Ban if you must. But only if you must.

2020-04-03T12:22:22+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 12:22|

I don’t approve of hunting. And I don’t like guns. Call me a lily-livered pacifist but I don’t think I could survive squeezing a trigger whatever I’d be aiming at and I don’t think there’s much that drives me into worse irrational over-reaction than the sight of children using toy guns. I admit it’s irrational [...]

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