The Archbishop: “Only in action is freedom”

2020-04-16T19:30:24+02:00Thu, 16th Apr '20, 19:30|

Message from Archbishop Charles Scicluna two and half years after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The social teachings of the church remind us that peace is founded on truth, justice, freedom and love. These four foundational values are inter-dependent, and each is essential; a community cannot be truly at peace if one of them [...]

Repubblika files police reports on murder on the high seas

2020-04-17T07:30:19+02:00Thu, 16th Apr '20, 16:58|

Repubblika today filed two police reports before the Police Commissioner. The first report is against the crew of the patrol boat P52, belonging to the Armed Forces. According to reports in the international press, one of the crew members stepped on to the immigrants’ dinghy and cut the cable of the motor. The immigrants were [...]

Porridge with a sword

2020-04-16T11:13:55+02:00Thu, 16th Apr '20, 11:13|

This Alexander Dalli is something of a clown. The ex-army officer is the director of prisons but he seems to fancy himself as a sort of a tinpot military ruler. He is manifesting messianic delusions that remind one of Idi Amin. And the more time passes the more unhinged he seems. Yesterday he staged a [...]

Those alive that fight for the dead

2020-04-16T09:10:42+02:00Thu, 16th Apr '20, 09:07|

Photo: Alessio Paduano/AFP Labour’s TV station has gone ballistic over Repubblika’s judicial letter yesterday warning that government ministers may have a criminal case to answer for their decision to abandon migrants stranded at sea to their fate. But to be fair on One TV, Repubblika’s action does not have broad support. The psychologist [...]

UPDATED:Front line doctors want government to save lives at sea

2020-04-16T15:48:29+02:00Thu, 16th Apr '20, 07:51|

Updated at 15:46 of 16.04.2020. Letter now with over 300 signatures. Over 250 healthcare professionals and students in healthcare, including more than a hundred medical doctors, have signed an open letter calling for Malta’s Prime Minister to reconsider his stance on assisting lives in danger at sea. The letter – an initiative of the Daphne Caruana [...]

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