The decision before the decision

2020-04-25T10:30:23+02:00Sat, 25th Apr '20, 10:21|

To whip up support for its decision to flout international law by pushing back migrants into war-torn and warlord-infested Libya, Robert Abela’s government grounded its arguments in the Covid-19 crisis. But the secret push back plan had been long in the making. The existence of a ‘grand plan’ was confirmed by none other than Neville [...]

Soothing one’s conscience

2020-04-25T09:44:46+02:00Sat, 25th Apr '20, 09:42|

Prime Minister Robert Abela has made much of the fact that his conscience is clear. A pathological inability to feel any responsibility for one's own decision seems to be a requirement for the job he took over from his equally callous predecessor. But Joseph Muscat admitted he struggled with his conscience for having attempted – [...]

UNHCR ‘has not heard’ of 30 tons of food aid Malta government claims it has delivered to Tripoli

2020-04-25T08:10:26+02:00Sat, 25th Apr '20, 08:10|

A spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has told this website that after checking they “have not heard about any delivery of aid from Malta”. The question about the nature of the aid was put to the UNHCR after government “informed sources” told TVM this week that “the Maltese government has sent [...]

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