From hell and back there again

2020-04-23T16:30:59+02:00Thu, 23rd Apr '20, 16:30|

Photo: Arezo Malakooti As reported earlier today the migrants involved in the Easter weekend disaster when 12 people are believed to have died at sea, sailed out of Libya on the night before Good Friday after about three days waiting on the beach, held there by traffickers with no food or water. After [...]

GUEST POST: I am watching, Clint Camilleri

2020-04-23T16:50:12+02:00Thu, 23rd Apr '20, 14:39|

In the first week of April, my beloved Nanna Georgia turned 100. We had planned a big party because Nanna is a huge party animal and loves nothing more than to be surrounded by family on any given day, let alone on such a milestone birthday. But then Covid-19 hit and understandably so, the party [...]

Easter at sea

2020-04-23T13:15:35+02:00Thu, 23rd Apr '20, 13:15|

Investigations by Nello Scavo of l’Avvenire and Sergio Scandura of Radio Radicale have thrown more light and provided details about the identity and the fate of the passengers of a dinghy identified by Maltese rescue authorities late on Easter Monday but dragged to Libya two days later by an apparently stateless boat showing no name [...]

How safe is safe?

2020-04-23T11:30:35+02:00Thu, 23rd Apr '20, 11:27|

Hours before migrants rescued in a Malta-run operation were taken to Libya, an Italian navy ship had to evacuate because of danger from artillery fire. The notice issued by the Maltese authorities in the middle of Monday night when they spotted the 55 migrants that were eventually dragged to Libya – those who had survived [...]

GUEST POST: Satabank and the competent person

2020-04-23T08:50:44+02:00Thu, 23rd Apr '20, 08:50|

As a result of inadequate Customer Due Diligence procedures (checks), including lack of adequate due diligence in accepting clients, and in controls on transactions, on 20 October 2018, the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority, appointed Ernst & Young Limited (EY) as a ‘Competent Person’ in terms of the Banking Act, to take charge of the [...]

A boat with no name

2020-04-23T08:05:58+02:00Thu, 23rd Apr '20, 08:05|

After long days of silence from the government and the army that refused to respond to criticism about the handling of salvage at sea over the Easter weekend, TVM is carrying daily detailed stories providing an unofficial account of the army’s rescue operations during that time. TVM says it is “investigating” the matter but the [...]

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