Il-Fulu’s daughter worked in Chris Cardona’s ministry the summer before Daphne was killed

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The daughter of Alfred Degiorgio worked within Chris Cardona’s economy ministry during the summer of 2017 until days before Alfred Degiorgio, together with his brother George Degiorgio and accomplice Vince Muscat are accused of assassinating Daphne Caruana Galizia. Chris Cardona has repeatedly denied knowing Alfred Degiorgio at all in spite of multiple stories to the [...]


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In a single day Junior Minister Alex Muscat started to acquire a bit of a reputation of an uncannily inaccurate choice of words. That’s if we’re to be kind. The first incident was mildly amusing. Alex Muscat posted this tweet which proved to be a bit of an eats shoots and leaves incident. The junior [...]

Allow me to recommend you read this

2020-04-22T10:32:33+02:00Wed, 22nd Apr '20, 10:32|

There is misinformation aplenty out there about what happened since the Easter weekend: the government's decision not to save people in distress at sea, the impact that had on at least two boatloads of people, the deaths of 12 of them, Repubblika's calls for investigations into the incidents and the prime minister's unprecedented reaction. Even [...]

Family values

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Apart from the 12 people on a boat who died while waiting for a rescue that never came because Robert Abela ordered migrants at sea are not saved, we have to remember the fate of the surviving 43 migrants from the same boat. They were sent back to Libya, driven back under circumstances never fully [...]

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