Not Betty Davis eyes

2020-04-29T11:38:08+02:00Wed, 29th Apr '20, 11:38|

I thought I should perhaps write something about Mario Philip Azzopardi. He’s the guy with the Herr Doktor Mengele eyes who trawls the net for women to insult with sexually offensive terms and to inflict verbal violence that would cause a melee in the mud to pause in gaunt embarrassment. It would be legitimate for [...]

Can our government brief us on its meetings with Libya?

2020-04-29T10:32:52+02:00Wed, 29th Apr '20, 10:32|

We've been here before. We get information about meetings held by the Maltese government from sources in the country our government is having meetings in. Usually that's when the government does not even want us to know what the meeting is about. Evarist Bartolo appears to have had meetings with the Libyan equivalent of a [...]

Cause of death

2020-04-29T10:12:29+02:00Wed, 29th Apr '20, 09:56|

“The facts and the evidence that has emerged so far points to grave legal responsibility of the Maltese authorities. For at least 5 days they refused to assist 63 people at sea. They coordinated their illegal push-back out of Malta’s search and rescue area of responsibility. They caused the death of 5 people who needed [...]

Remember their names

2020-04-29T09:58:55+02:00Wed, 29th Apr '20, 09:45|

Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire has identified the names of 12 people who died on a boat allowed to drift in Malta’s search and rescue area in spite of the fact that the Maltese armed forces spotted them when they were still alive. Omar, Mogos, Hzqiel, Hdru, Huruy, Teklay, Nohom, Kidus, Debesay, and three men named [...]

The lawyer who keeps good company

2020-04-29T09:29:49+02:00Wed, 29th Apr '20, 09:29|

Rather pathetic, isn’t it? Jean Philippe Chetcuti was caught by a hidden camera promising a journalist pretending to be a client that he can get his buddies in the government to bend the rules to allow a person with a criminal record to buy a Maltese passport. He has now been certified as a champion [...]


2020-04-29T08:29:17+02:00Wed, 29th Apr '20, 08:29|

Nothing has been heard since before 4.30 this morning from 62 migrants who made a distress call to NGO Alarm Phone as their vessel started taking in water. Alarm Phone says the boat has been likely spotted yesterday afternoon by a Frontex surveillance flight. The agency says they're trying to get through to Malta's armed [...]

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