16 April: 30 months waiting for truth and justice

2020-04-13T16:50:39+02:00Mon, 13th Apr '20, 16:50|

The call for truth and justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia will not be silenced by the circumstances in which we're living. Nor will the tributes to her memory fade. Join us online in our remembrance. More events will be announced by Repubblika, #occupyjustice and this website in due course.

How do you put 1000 Maltesers in a car?

2020-04-13T16:45:06+02:00Mon, 13th Apr '20, 16:45|

Manuel Micallef, Labour ideologue, TV host, and mirror-wanker extraordinaire put this up on his Facebook fully pretending his attempt at humour to be innocent. At least I hope he was joking, however pathetic that humour would be. For the benefit of all, here is his post translated: "A decision needs to be taken at the [...]

Repubblika Facebook Live: Letting people drown

2020-04-13T13:20:19+02:00Mon, 13th Apr '20, 13:20|

In case you missed it. Norman Vella yesterday interviewed Xandru Cassar, lone protestor at Castille Place calling for lives at sea to be saved. Also appearing on this program former prime minister Lawrence Gonzi, Repubblika spokesperson Marion Pace Asciak, Arnold Cassola and Jimmy Bartolo SJ.

It could happen to you

2020-04-13T13:13:10+02:00Mon, 13th Apr '20, 13:13|

Maybe I did stretch the Jesus metaphor a bit too much last weekend but if I’m honest that residue imbibed in every lapsed Catholic really bubbles up this time of year. Someone said on Facebook yesterday that the last thing they ought to be doing is taking lessons on faith from me and obviously they [...]

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