A junior minister in search of a senior cause

2020-04-20T20:10:20+02:00Mon, 20th Apr '20, 19:26|

The last time Rosianne Cutajar called a public event was the anniversary of Lassana Cisse’s killing in a racist drive by shooting of a black Ħal Far tent village resident for which two AFM soldiers have been charged. She inadvertently launched an ‘All Lives Matter’ campaign calling for a fight against racial prejudice and violence. [...]

Blaming the EU

2020-04-20T07:42:19+02:00Mon, 20th Apr '20, 07:42|

In the search for enemies to blame for anything that displeases us the EU has become a surprisingly easy target for the Labour Party and those who speak for it. The hate-the-foreigner narrative is taking root and spreading even beyond what you’d expect the PL’s core support. It is just one other page from the [...]

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