Dataleak class action suit: Frequently Asked Questions

2020-04-07T09:59:59+02:00Tue, 7th Apr '20, 08:49|

Here are answers to questions frequently asked by people considering whether to join the collective action lawsuit against C-Planet IT Solutions Limited being organised by Repubblika and The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation. If you were eligible to vote in 2013, your personal data has been stolen and then leaked to the outside world. Consider signing [...]

Choosing the ones to choose

2020-04-07T08:37:22+02:00Tue, 7th Apr '20, 08:37|

Read this article by Repubblika’s Robert Aquilina in today’s Times of Malta. The article sets out two tests for a successful reform of the manner the country uses to select future judges. The objective here is to make sure the judiciary is independent from the control of the other branches of government. Well, one branch [...]

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