Have yourself a conscience-free Easter

2020-04-12T11:41:22+02:00Sun, 12th Apr '20, 11:41|

Someone told me after I wrote this other piece earlier that I’m a closet believer and I’ll be coming out at some point. Maybe Easter is a good day to think about a conscience-free resurrection. The first thing Jesus did when he walked out of his barely used tomb was shoot some birds for fun. [...]

Reforms to retain prime minister’s power to block deserving candidates for the judiciary

2020-04-12T16:55:01+02:00Sun, 12th Apr '20, 09:00|

Unpublished plans agreed between the two main parties for judicial reform retain the prime minister’s unhindered power to block the appointment or promotion of any member of the judiciary. Sources say that an improved appointments procedure falls short of independence of the judiciary from the influence of the government as lawyers and magistrates will need [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: It could be worse

2020-04-12T08:20:46+02:00Sun, 12th Apr '20, 08:20|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Prime Minister Robert Abela cut a pathetic figure sitting in front of a standing Karl Stagno Navarra on the Labour Party’s TV station this week, lamenting the criticism he is facing. 'To have people that are so insensitive that they try to capitalise on the fear that [...]

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