Ignore your prime minister and stay at home

2020-04-05T13:56:53+02:00Sun, 5th Apr '20, 13:56|

Bad advice is worse than no advice at all. Contradictory advice is in and of itself bad advice. Every day, Charmaine Gauci is on TV backed by a very simple set of three instructions: Cover, Clean and Contain. Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing. Clean your hands for longer and more often than you’ve [...]

GUEST POST: On your electricity bill

2020-04-05T09:51:05+02:00Sun, 5th Apr '20, 09:51|

Jacob Borg of the Times of Malta recently asked Minister of Finance Edward Scicluna, whether recent calls for a cut in electricity tariffs were possible with the fixed-term contract signed with Electrogas. The minister responded: “Enemalta is not just the government’s company, as you also have the Chinese now. It is not ours to say, [...]

The presumed guilt of fake news

2020-04-05T09:41:50+02:00Sun, 5th Apr '20, 09:41|

The government is reported promising media owners some help to see them through the coronavirus crisis but reporting by the editorial arms of those media outlets suggests that the details are either too thin for now or else they have been kept from journalists for the time being. Who gets to be eligible? On what [...]

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