Managing the image

2020-05-26T12:59:41+02:00Tue, 26th May '20, 12:59|

People got angry yesterday watching Floriana FC fans celebrating in their main square like there’s no virus. Understandably the angriest of all are Valletta FC fans. They don’t like seeing their neighbours in green having a good time and that’s without needing a pandemic to fuel their moans. But people who are indifferent to football [...]

Looks like fun

2020-05-26T10:30:35+02:00Tue, 26th May '20, 10:30|

Byron Camilleri said yesterday the reports of hunger strikes and attempted suicides aboard the Captain Morgan boats out on Hurd’s Bank did not get to him. He’s under the impression migrants are perfectly happy to be held on the boats just beyond sight of Malta without any prospect or plan for what’s happening next to [...]

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