Please lead by example

2020-05-15T09:37:02+02:00Fri, 15th May '20, 09:37|

There are plenty of pictures around of Robert Abela not social distancing. I lamented on the topic in this post here. Look at these three images snapped within minutes of each other of Ian Castaldi Paris celebrating his elevation to Parliament. I do not know the order in which they were taken. Shuffle the order [...]


2020-05-15T09:19:49+02:00Fri, 15th May '20, 09:19|

If you can, spare a thought for the people stuck on the Captain Morgan boats the other side of the horizon. You can say they’re better off there than in the bottom of the ocean. But then again, aren’t we all? Some of them have been on board since 30 April, two weeks now. They're [...]

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