The buck stops with Robert

2020-05-21T16:18:03+02:00Thu, 21st May '20, 16:18|

Robert Abela does not have the courage of his conviction that in spite of the fact that the risks of the consequences we would face today from a spike in Covid-19 cases are identical to what they were in March, he is the one to carry the responsibility of deciding we should now face that [...]

Where’s the science?

2020-05-21T16:15:16+02:00Thu, 21st May '20, 16:15|

If Robert Abela is reaching the conclusion that the country is ready to live without Covid-19, he should have some scientific basis to back that decision up. I’m sorry but it is a cop-out to now say the science is too flimsy. The science and the mathematics were extremely compelling when our children were ordered [...]

Hey doctor, what do I do?

2020-05-21T16:13:05+02:00Thu, 21st May '20, 16:13|

Why did it have to be the prime minister to deny Charmaine Gauci quit? This feels like an involuntary confirmation. I had been hearing from different sources since Friday that Charmaine Gauci could no longer stomach the fact that she was being used as a prop by Robert Abela to certify advice she was not [...]

False liberals

2020-05-21T12:10:55+02:00Thu, 21st May '20, 12:10|

Moron Alex Agius Saliba did some rainbow flag wrapping on a European Parliament’s online magazine carving out the empathic ventricle in his heart and speaking about the need to protect young gay people because we live “in a society that places increasing pressure on all of us”. He says that we should prioritise everyone’s mental [...]

Fascists against the law

2020-05-21T07:14:42+02:00Thu, 21st May '20, 07:14|

The indomitable BugM said this was the strongest case yet for abolishing party-owned media. A 1:50 clip presenting a compelling argument in favour of the immediate shutting down of political tv stations in Malta. — BugM (@bugdavem) May 20, 2020 And of course, he has a point. Political parties should not be allowed anywhere [...]

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