Mediterranea demands to know what Malta is doing with 90 migrants at sea; warns against illegal pushback.

2020-05-03T11:13:15+02:00Sun, 3rd May '20, 11:13|

Italian NGO Mediterranea this morning wrote to Malta’s government saying it has been carefully following the case of a wooden boat in distress with approximately 90 people on board, reported to all concerned authorities by the organization Alarm Phone - Watch The Med in position 34° 37' N - 12° 27' E at 22:35 CEST [...]

Jumping ship

2020-05-03T09:16:51+02:00Sun, 3rd May '20, 09:16|

The government will never admit it but we’re in a bind of their making. Malta has squandered its diplomatic credentials and we are now kicking migrants as if they are to blame for Joseph Muscat and Robert Abela. Another 90 migrants are presently taking in water from the sea in our search and rescue area. [...]

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