Italian Foreign Minister criticises Malta’s conduct at sea during Easter Week

2020-05-29T10:12:51+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 19:39|

The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi di Maio confirmed to the Italian Parliament reports appearing days ago on Avvenire and The Guardian that included photos and videos showing the Maltese army pushing migrants out of Maltese territorial waters within sight of Malta’s coastline. In his statement to the Italian Parliament, Luigi di Maio said [...]

Italian government says Malta has come round on the Irini mission in Libya

2020-05-28T19:20:21+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 19:20|

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio informed the Italian Parliament that "Malta has come round and now accepts it needs to cooperate in a shared effort to help stabilise Libya." After several postponements Malta has now withdrawn its reservations on the appointment of a commander for the EUNAVFORMED IRINI naval mission, the Italian government has [...]

Supreme cruises

2020-05-28T17:33:18+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 17:33|

A fourth boat has been despatched to imprison migrants out at sea. European countries have stuck to the argument that if Malta expects solidarity it should first comply with its legal obligations. The migrants out on 3 Captain Morgan boats and the rather grandly and equally unhelpfully named Supreme Cruises boat are on Maltese territory. [...]

Digital Rights NGO backs Malta class action on political data leak

2020-05-28T15:41:36+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 15:40|

Photo: Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation NOYB, the Vienna-based NGO that campaigns for digital rights, announced today it will be backing the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and Repubblika, in their efforts to secure justice for the victims of the CT-Planet data leak of political preferences and personal details of voters. The leak showed the [...]

MEPs ask for EU directive to fight SLAPPs

2020-05-28T12:57:30+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 12:57|

Thirty-two MEPS from across the political spectrum asked European Commission Vice-President Vera Jourova to introduce a new directive against SLAPP lawsuits filed by corporate bullies against journalists and activists in order to shut them up. “A new directive needs to include safeguards to easily dismiss SLAPP cases in an early stage of legal proceedings.” MEPs [...]

Peel the prickly pear

2020-05-28T12:33:38+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 12:33|

Some things will need adjusting and that includes changing the way we make money and earn our keep. It feels like tourism operators fully expect to be checking in tourists in the same numbers they did last year by the time this year’s out. That may just be a front they’re putting up. It’s not [...]

23 hours with a bucket

2020-05-28T17:47:00+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 10:49|

Photo: Malta Today It’s great that we can ease Covid-19 restrictions. It’s great that at least for now the worst is over and though we’re not out of the woods quite yet some of the restrictions can be relaxed. It’s also good that we’re warned not to take this thing for granted. Yes [...]

GUEST POST: Reflections on the Egrant Inquiry (4)

2020-05-28T08:54:17+02:00Thu, 28th May '20, 08:54|

This article continues where article number 3 left off, facing the question ‘Who owns Egrant?’ I will continue to show how Brian Tonna and Karl Cini subverted a magisterial inquiry with half-truths, and outright lies. They served a prime minister who would go on to be selected as the International 2019 Person of the Year [...]

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