“Malta a country of exceptional concern for press freedom” – NGOs

2020-05-11T18:44:08+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 18:44|

The Council of Europe’s platform for media freedom NGOs have listed the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia as a case of impunity as justice continues to be delayed two and half years after her killing. Cases of impunity “highlight deficiencies in investigations, including the failure to identify the perpetrators, sponsors, organisers or masterminds of these [...]

“Unconscionable and unforgivable failure of Maltese authorities” if disloyal lawyer is allowed to harm prosecution of Daphne killers – Omtzigt

2020-05-11T16:43:04+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 16:36|

The Council of Europe’s rapporteur following up the government’s actions after the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia had hard words for Attorney General Peter Grech in a letter sent today. Pieter Omtzigt was reacting to the defection of lawyer Charles Mercieca who switched overnight from the prosecutor’s office to Yorgen Fenech’s defence team. Pieter Omtzigt [...]

Not all the people involved in commissioning Daphne’s murder have been held to account so far – trial judge

2020-05-11T12:55:03+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 12:55|

The trial judge in the case against the alleged assassins hired to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia remarked that “it is evident that the criminal network involved (in the journalist’s murder) has not been completely restrained and there are still people involved in commissioning the crime that have not yet been called to give account of [...]

GUEST POST: Covid-19 and national attitudes

2020-05-11T11:34:17+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 11:31|

Having had the benefit of spending years in various European countries, worked there, paid taxes there and experienced their healthcare systems, I can understand the different results of the approaches to the Covid-19. Since January, when the virus reached Europe and the USA, countries reacted differently exposing the investments made or the lack of preparation [...]

Rights Commissioner to Robert Abela: bring migrants ashore; stop push backs; stop bashing NGOs

2020-05-11T10:46:34+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 10:44|

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Robert Abela, published today, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights urges the Maltese government to fully meet its human rights obligations towards migrants, including asylum seekers and refugees, who cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe. Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic, in an apparent reference to the government’s remarks [...]

Repubblika on Migration: Silence is not an option

2020-05-11T09:50:51+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 09:50|

A statement by Repubblika We, Repubblika, consider that certain decisions and actions of the Maltese government during these last weeks amount to real and present threats and, in some cases, a veritable outrage of fundamental human rights. It is our considered opinion that the right to life, the right to live free from torture, the [...]

‘Insensitive’ is the new ‘serene’

2020-05-11T09:42:08+02:00Mon, 11th May '20, 09:39|

‘Serene’ was the de rigueur buzzword that would be deployed every time some PR catastrophe would torpedo Joseph Muscat’s forced projection of infallibility. Famously, Michelle Muscat was ‘serene’ with the allegation that a million-dollar bung owed to her husband by the tyrant of Azerbaijan was paid into an account in her name. Chris Cardona expressed [...]

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