Ministers’ mummies

2020-05-01T17:14:47+02:00Fri, 1st May '20, 17:14|

There’s talk of Covid-19 accelerating trends and making them the new normal. Pre-Covid we already had ministers shifting their engagement with the public away from meetings with the press favouring instead unmediated propaganda on social media. Konrad Mizzi made it his blatant policy of only inviting to his press events “journalists” on the government’s payroll. [...]


2020-05-01T08:45:47+02:00Fri, 1st May '20, 08:45|

Charles Caruana Carabez is the ombudsman responsible to rule on issues arising out of educational institutions, including the university. He is paid to be the defender of citizens against faceless and unfeeling bureaucracy, of rules that aren’t thought through, of undesired consequences of policy. He rights wrongs. He is a caped hero for our times. [...]

Discarded options?

2020-05-01T08:07:55+02:00Fri, 1st May '20, 08:05|

However problematic this penning on the high seas is bound to prove, it is an alternative to Option One the government went for over the Easter weekend. Presumably inspired by Christ’s sacrifice, Option One was ‘let them drown’. The government blamed the crossing on the migrants who should have changed their travel plans like everyone [...]

A third way

2020-05-01T07:54:09+02:00Fri, 1st May '20, 07:54|

Last night a Captain Morgan tourist boat was equipped with mattresses that can be carried by one person four at a time and sent out to meet the now notorious Mae Yemenja, the Maltese-owned Libyan-flagged fishing trawler that was the scene of the crime for an illegal push-back to Libya of some 50 migrants and [...]

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