Do they laugh at their own jokes?

2020-05-22T13:27:51+02:00Fri, 22nd May '20, 13:27|

Reno Calleja is a lifetime of humour. He was a minister in Dom Mintoff’s government until he was thrown out for being completely clueless. He’s spent a lifetime of irrelevance hovering around the Labour Party like a living fossil from the time Labour was the platform for Communist China’s interests in the West. He traded [...]


2020-05-22T10:57:01+02:00Fri, 22nd May '20, 10:57|

It’s really disturbing to see the government act with such contempt for the Venice Commission process. First they ignore them for 18 months and now they’re trying to hoodwink them with cosmetic and immaterial changes as if they were dealing with a gullible audience that is not specialised by training and experience to see through [...]

BBC: “The Maltese government did not answer my questions”

2020-05-22T10:09:28+02:00Fri, 22nd May '20, 10:09|

This BBC Assignment program by Lucy Proctor seems desperate to hear the other side of the story of the migrant boats ignored by the Maltese government in our area of responsibility over the Easter Weekend. They want to put questions to the Maltese authorities. Why did you ignore boats in your area of responsibility for [...]

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