GUEST POST: Chambers of silence

2020-05-14T12:06:15+02:00Wed, 13th May '20, 15:12|

Last week after the inauguration of the new prime minister, the Malta Chamber of Commerce presented its list of complaints and a list of changes required for Malta to regain its lost reputation. This list is most welcome, coming from the widest section of the productive Maltese economy. It must be a telling message to [...]

GUEST POST: Reflections on the Egrant Inquiry (2)

2020-05-13T14:52:14+02:00Wed, 13th May '20, 14:52|

Continues from part 1 in this series, linked here. I would like to begin this article by highlighting once again that court appointed experts Harbinson Forensics state that: "The emails of Pilatus Bank are stored on the cloud and are not available to us; “We found only one Egrant related item not found elsewhere. This [...]

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