2020-05-16T09:03:44+02:00Sat, 16th May '20, 07:52|

Joseph Cuschieri has been “recalled” from Rome or so the unofficial parlance goes. Pardon me for being pedantic but one cannot be recalled from an embassy unless one has already been accredited to it. A country can nominate its ambassador in another country’s capital. But it is for the receiving country to accept them. This [...]

“Lack of honesty and integrity”

2020-05-16T06:52:29+02:00Sat, 16th May '20, 06:52|

Those were the grounds the Malta Financial Services Authority cited yesterday when it banned Christian Ellul and Karl Schranz from working as directors or providers of any services regulated by the MFSA. Christian Ellul is the ex-husband of the daughter of Marian Kocner, the Slovak business tycoon who has been charged with ordering the murder [...]

Omtzigt’s Malta-monitoring mandate extended to end of year

2020-05-16T06:30:13+02:00Sat, 16th May '20, 06:30|

The Council of Europe has extended the term of Dutch MP Pieter Omtzigt to continue to monitor Malta's progress on complying with the human rights watchdog's shopping list of actions after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. Pieter Omtzigt, known in his own country as the 'hound dog' for his assiduous insistence on transparency and good [...]

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