THE SUNDAY TIMES: What do you want?

2020-05-24T09:39:15+02:00Sun, 24th May '20, 09:39|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Our relationship with power is a slightly more sophisticated version of the native islanders who show the colonists the way to the gold mines in exchange for mirrors, combs and trinkets. We ignore the rights of others as we cash in on the government’s generosity with our [...]

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result

2020-05-24T09:36:13+02:00Sun, 24th May '20, 09:36|

In case you haven’t come across it, read this report in The Guardian about the unlikely prospects of the New Zealand Opposition. “The leader of New Zealand’s opposition has been removed by his party in a desperate bid to install a figurehead who can match Jacinda Ardern’s star power in the upcoming September general election. [...]

The perils of self-promotion

2020-05-24T09:23:35+02:00Sun, 24th May '20, 09:23|

I don’t know what Edward Zammit Lewis’s PR office is drinking but taking out paid adverts in the newspaper to congratulate one-self is hardly a recommendation of his work. In an advert Edward Zammit Lewis ticks off a series of headlines saying that “in less than 4 months this Government managed to move forward historic [...]

Human Rights Watch: Bring the imprisoned migrants ashore

2020-05-24T08:58:55+02:00Sun, 24th May '20, 08:49|

International NGO Human Rights Watch joined the chorus of pressure on Malta to allow migrants penned on Captain Morgan coastal cruises outside Maltese territorial waters to disembark in Malta and seek asylum if they choose. The organisation accused Malta’s government of having no legal basis or legitimate purpose for keeping people on these ferries, making [...]

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