‘Malta must take Captain Morgan migrants to a safe port’ – EU Commission

2020-05-18T14:14:58+02:00Mon, 18th May '20, 14:14|

The European Commission said it is closely monitoring the situation of migrants on board Captain Morgan coastal cruisers hired by the Maltese government. 167 people are being held in limbo just outside Malta’s territorial waters, some of them have been there since 20 April. NGOs have complained the migrants’ are not being assessed for their [...]

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

2020-05-18T10:46:33+02:00Mon, 18th May '20, 10:46|

I wrote earlier how Robert Abela does not volunteer for the rack to assure us he’s telling us the whole truth. Political leaders who want to persuade us of their sincerity will sit with journalists who will look like they’re challenging them and giving them a hard time. The gamble does not always pay off [...]

The Garden of Life

2020-05-18T10:14:43+02:00Mon, 18th May '20, 10:14|

There’s a public open space in Qala in Gozo rather dramatically named ‘The Garden of Life’. It was a project of a PN-led council completed about 9 years ago and inaugurated by those annoying Nationalists. Here’s a souvenir photo from the launch at the time. Soon after, Qala switched to Labour and elected Clint Camilleri [...]

Who needs science when you have Joseph Muscat?

2020-05-18T09:34:21+02:00Mon, 18th May '20, 09:34|

Robert Abela’s faith in Joseph Muscat is misplaced. Joseph Muscat got economically lucky in the way Robert Abela was unlucky. The economic success of the 7 years of plenty that ended last February happened in spite of Joseph Muscat, not because of him. The heir to Malta’s integration with Europe and the reinvention of our [...]

Feel to lead

2020-05-18T09:32:54+02:00Mon, 18th May '20, 09:32|

This post will not argue that we should stay indoors for longer. Nor will it argue that restaurants should open by this weekend.  I will not say that lockdown was excessive caution. Nor will I say that it should be kept up. I will say that we should be relying on our authorities to give [...]

GUEST POST: Reflections on the Egrant Inquiry (3)

2020-05-18T08:20:37+02:00Mon, 18th May '20, 08:20|

Continues from parts 1 and 2 linked here. In this article I will be delving deeper into the question ‘Who owns Egrant?’, based on the report of the court-appointed experts, Harbinson Forensics. Point 218 on page 1254 states that “it seems significant to us that on 6 March 2016, Mossfon confirm that they do not [...]

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