Proposals made to protect EU journalists from SLAPPs

2020-05-20T14:37:22+02:00Wed, 20th May '20, 14:37|

Free speech NGOs have filed recommendations today on action the EU can take to reduce the risk of SLAPP suits against journalists working in the European Union. The recommendations are backed up by legal advice prepared by Maltese lawyer Justin Borg Barthet who lectures in the University of Aberdeen. The NGOs recommended a change to [...]

Photos show AFM illegally forced migrants out of Maltese waters and sent them to Sicily

2020-05-21T11:40:47+02:00Wed, 20th May '20, 10:15|

Photo: Avvenire Photos and videos published today by Avvenire and The Guardian show military operations conducted by the Armed Forces within sight of Malta’s coast where migrants were allegedly threatened and forced out of Maltese waters and put on a route to Sicily. The press reports quote multiple sources say that AFM soldiers [...]

Malta fails to regain Europe’s trust – Il Foglio

2020-05-20T09:30:02+02:00Wed, 20th May '20, 09:30|

Malta features on Italy’s Il Foglio today under the headline “L’Isola dei Sovranisti”. ‘Sovranismo’ is a political term normally used to describe far right politicians that argue for the autonomous self-reliance of states and for countries to act in their own interest without regard to international law or cooperation. It is used for the policies [...]

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