Dog day afternoon

2020-05-04T15:54:46+02:00Mon, 4th May '20, 15:54|

Do you remember Robert Abela saying migrants were not being rescued at sea at all because we needed to focus on Covid-19? Do you remember when that ‘policy’ changed to a determination not to bring anyone on shore in Malta even if they were saved, and that too was because we needed to focus on [...]

Truth optional

2020-05-04T15:32:09+02:00Mon, 4th May '20, 15:32|

Robert Abela was reported to have spoken to the press as to what he gave in sworn testimony to a criminal inquiry into his conduct this morning. Criminal inquiries are supposed to be confidential affairs and witnesses are habitually cautioned they are not to state what they have testified in the inquiry. Even the fact [...]

Where two or three are gathered in my name

2020-05-04T14:58:20+02:00Mon, 4th May '20, 14:58|

If anyone else but the prime minister was in a gathering like this in Republic Street this morning, they'd be facing a hefty fine for organising a public event in spite of the pandemic instructions. And the journalists present would be fined for attending the gathering. There isn't a mask in sight though the prime [...]

Alarmphone explains what happened at sea over the Easter weekend

2020-05-04T10:41:17+02:00Mon, 4th May '20, 10:41|

Alarmphone published a detailed report which shows in detail in what ways, and how often, Alarm Phone sought to mobilise rescue by alerting the Maltese authorities. "In total, Alarm Phone reached out to RCC Malta 42 times: 34 times via the phone, though getting through only 11 times (mostly without receiving any information), and eight [...]

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