My wife got a call this morning on her mobile phone number. The number was withheld. “No Caller ID”.

The person who spoke to her asked for Mrs Delia and said she was calling from Owen Bonnici’s office. Did she know Owen Bonnici has an office in Żurrieq? Would she like to visit him there? Is there anything she could possibly need?

People are getting these sort of calls all the time now. Not my wife usually. She’s not a Maltese citizen and is ineligible to vote in Malta so quite how her mobile number has been shuffled in with the electoral roll is a minor mystery. Owen Bonnici can’t even get that right.

Try to think about it from my wife’s point of view. The closest she got to an engagement with Owen Bonnici was when one of his thugs physically assaulted her in broad daylight and broke her phone because she participated in a flower-laying exercise at the Daphne memorial in Republic Street which forced Owen Bonnici to order its clearance every night.

Do we need anything from Owen Bonnici? We need him to fuck off. We don’t need to go to his Żurrieq office to tell him that.