Pillar of salt

2022-10-06T13:15:34+02:00Thu, 6th Oct '22, 13:15|

This evening journalists are gathering at a meeting called by the IĠM, the institute of Maltese Journalists, to discuss the draft laws published by the government ostensibly to improve the protection of journalists. One of the published amendments inserts a declaration in the Constitution that says that a free press is the fourth pillar of [...]

The cheek on this guy

2022-10-05T16:53:54+02:00Wed, 5th Oct '22, 16:53|

Labour TV reports on this meeting Byron Camilleri had with Belarus opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. Here’s a translation of an extract of the report: “At the meeting they discussed the situation in Belarus and the efforts of the EU, backed by Malta, to keep in touch with that country’s civil society to normalise basic rights [...]

Don’t let these bastards have the last word

2022-10-05T07:57:45+02:00Wed, 5th Oct '22, 07:57|

They have nothing better to do than deny the world around them. But that's no reason to let them get their way. This is a question of stamina, of who stays awake at a watch of a seemingly endless night. We must believe that if we stay long enough the light of truth will burn [...]

Reach up

2022-10-04T20:59:30+02:00Tue, 4th Oct '22, 16:12|

Together with colleagues from Repubblika I’m spending my days this week at the University campus. Our NGO has a stand at the grand festival which is Freshers’ Week where student societies work on attracting new members, students line up to get a permit for their car to enter the University grounds, potential employers give out [...]

This aged like milk

2022-10-03T19:17:15+02:00Mon, 3rd Oct '22, 19:17|

I am putting up here some of the official photos of the inauguration of the Marsa junction last year. I’m also putting up a link to the official video of the event which was broadcast live on the national TV channel. Yep, they interrupted their regular programming to show you this. https://youtu.be/00t_l5XQ-JU It was such [...]

Maria Falcone to participate in Daphne events

2022-10-01T08:54:24+02:00Sat, 1st Oct '22, 08:54|

The sister of Giovanni Falcone, the magistrate killed by the mafia 30 years ago this year, will be in Malta at Repubblika’s invitation to participate in the events marking the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Maria Falcone, a professor of law, is the sister of Giovanni Falcone, assassinated in Capaci by [...]

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