To learn nothing

2017-10-29T10:17:24+01:00Sun, 29th Oct '17, 10:15|

Here is the prime minister of Malta challenged by the press to express his views on the consultant to his Minister Konrad Mizzi calling protesters in front of Castille whores. The fact that he had to be door-stepped by the press to express a view should, in a normal country, be a gross public relations [...]

The corruption hitlist

2017-10-29T09:46:01+01:00Sun, 29th Oct '17, 09:46|

It was right for Ryan Murdock to combine his tribute to Daphne Caruana Galizia with a reminder of the list of issues objective and expert opinion identifies as in need of urgent resolution. He quotes from the Transparency International report on Malta from last February published as the Egrant storm was brewing. * Notable integrity [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: For a new Malta

2017-10-30T10:28:15+01:00Sun, 29th Oct '17, 09:30|

From my piece in The Sunday Times today: "We must show the world that we realise we have a problem and we are going to do something about it. Muscat and Delia should both resign. A cross-party coalition led, of course, by the Labour Party should form a government with a short mandate and a [...]

Qed tagħmlu l-ħsara ‘l pajjiżna!

2017-10-29T09:13:29+01:00Sun, 29th Oct '17, 09:13|

The authoritarian and populist repression perpetrated by the Joseph Muscat regime has now entered a new, ever uglier phase. The death of Daphne Caruana Galizia has removed from Labour’s sight the obvious focus of their derision and demagoguery, forcing them to scatter their attacks wider. Of the many things Daphne Caruana Galizia was wrongly accused [...]

Bombings and arrests

2017-10-27T15:21:28+02:00Fri, 27th Oct '17, 14:53|

The policeman heading the investigations into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia has over the past three years led investigations into five other car bombings. He solved none of them. There was the Marsaxlokk bombing of Darren Degabriele who died of his wounds after his car was bombed in June 2014. He was believed to [...]

Senior government official attacks international press

2017-10-27T11:58:14+02:00Fri, 27th Oct '17, 11:58|

The reports in the international media are starting to irk the prime minister's office. Keith Schembri's assistant, MP Alex Muscat, writing today in The Malta Independent, branded international press reports "biased" and "distorted". Because of course it is reasonable to expect that when a journalist is incinerated in a bomb, the press take a "balanced" [...]

Tony Zarb, who called women protesting whores and traitors, is on Konrad Mizzi’s payroll

2017-10-27T09:11:11+02:00Fri, 27th Oct '17, 09:11|

Tony Zarb is not a retired behemoth of the socialist movement who farted from the wrong end in his dotage calling a 100 women with homemade placards and matching T-shirts whores, traitors and seditionists. He's a government official, paid by the state as a consultant of Konrad Mizzi, the only government Minister in the European [...]


2017-10-27T00:03:36+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 23:56|

Here's Tony Zarb this evening, apparently overwhelmed by the sight of a hundred women protesting against his great leader. "Good evening Friends. These went to the wrong place. Instead of Castille they meant to go to Strait Street and travel back to the 1960s. They would have gone to the right place because they have [...]

Free speech, Labour style

2017-10-26T20:49:12+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 20:47|

Here is Matthew Carbone, number two in the communications office of the government of Malta. He's the coconut's deputy so I suppose that makes him the walnut. He's not there to show his grief at the brutal assassination of a journalist. He's not there to speak to protesters on behalf of government about its commitment [...]

Women for women for Malta #occupycastille

2017-10-26T17:25:31+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 19:30|

The following is a transcript of the statement by the women protesting in Castille now. #occupyjustice statement We are an ever-increasing non-partisan group of women from all walks of life. We are concerned for our future and that of our children. This is not the Malta we recognise, not the Malta we want to leave [...]

Ranier Fsadni on justified anger

2017-10-26T17:01:50+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 17:01|

Read this piece by Ranier Fsadni in this morning's The Times. He throws a light on the wide gap between institutions that are failing us and an angry, disenchanted, disenfranchised portion of the population facing the ironic ire of the Labour regime reprimanding us for feeling the most natural reaction of all: anger.

Wheels within wheels

2017-10-27T09:16:18+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 16:08|

The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia should not be investigated by Minister Justyne Caruana's husband. This is not just the unacceptably close political association. Nor even the revolting incest across institutions that should be independent of each other. It is that we cannot realistically hope all leads are investigated with detachment while he is running [...]

Putting on a brave face

2017-10-27T09:15:25+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 14:46|

The prime minister and the government are doing everything they can to project an image of business as usual. To their loyal local audience that’s not too much of a challenge. Their puppet masters got them to deny their own humanity and continue the hate campaign against Daphne Caruana Galizia exactly where it had left [...]

Here are the stories Pilatus Bank does not want you to read

2017-10-26T08:21:13+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '17, 16:35|

The Times and Malta Today acknowledged removing from or editing a number of old reports on their on-line archive relating to Pilatus Bank. They did not do so after seeing any evidence that persuaded them they were mistaken the first time round. They did so because they were threatened with ruinous law-suits (SLAPPs as they [...]

#occupyjustice #occupycastille

2017-10-25T14:10:18+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '17, 14:10|

This is making the rounds: We are an ever-increasing non-partisan group of women from all walks of life. We are concerned for our future and that of our children. This is not the Malta we recognise, not the Malta we want to leave behind. Following the horrendous assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, many are now [...]

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