Beyond the prime minister’s bog-standard rhetoric, can anyone perceive any significant effort by the police to bring the killers of Daphne Caruana to justice?

We were promised a thorough investigation and all we’ve seen so far is a crime scene left untouched for at least 30 hours while one Magistrate toyed with the emotions of the victim’s family and another was chosen. Then we saw people dressed up for forensic investigations but appearing to cavort around and share offensively inappropriate photos on their WhatsApp accounts. Then, four days after the assassination, we watched a so-called crime conference which gave absolutely no information and merely confirmed the grotesque incompetence of the investigators.

It’s been almost 5 weeks. Which stones have been turned?

Has there been a manhunt?

Has a list of potential suspects been drawn up?

Have all their alibis been checked out?

Have movements in and out of their bank accounts over the last few months been checked and verified?

Have the movements in and out of the country of Azeri people been checked? Have all identities been verified?

What leads have been eliminated so far?

Has the family of the victim been briefed in the last 5 weeks about progress in the investigation?

Has a liaison officer for the family been appointed?

Is the police looking for anyone in particular?

Are they looking for anyone within the country?

Have they asked other police organisations outside the country to look for anyone?

Have any additional controls been introduced in the points of entry and exit of the country?

Have the police asked for additional resources to what they are used to? Have these been provided?

Have the “external experts” from the FBI and the other overseas agencies been given an autonomous investigative free hand?

Has the police opened an anonymous call centre to receive tip offs? If yes, how many calls were received? Have all tip offs been investigated and how many of them are already ruled out?

Has the police been asked to brief Ministers? Who by? When? How often?

Have the briefings been given? What was said?

The fact that we have no answers to any of these questions means there is no interest whatsoever for justice to be done, let alone being seen to be done. The official excuse that asking these questions is an interference in investigations is part of the cover-up. We know more about the shooting last week then the bombing of a month ago.

There is a rubber wall built around police headquarters propped up by an investigator whose wife is a member of Joseph Muscat’s Cabinet, a clueless Police Commissioner whose reason for being is knowing nothing and wanting to keep it that way, a Police Minister who can barely hide his delight over the victim’s demise and a Prime Minister who needs this murder solved as much as he needs a hole in the head.

And while we’re at it can someone tell me who the opposition’s shadow minister for home affairs is and why he or she are not chained to the home office right now asking these questions 5 times a day?

In the meantime we are distracted like dogs in the park at the sight of random butterflies with talk of abortion, constitutional reform, and the emasculation of academic autonomy all thrown at us to chase when our focus should be on seeking, demanding and ensuring justice: for Daphne Caruana Galizia, her family and the country.

No stone unturned indeed.